Sustainable temperature controlled packaging

Growing consumer focus

Food industry worker in a temperature-controlled environment

Temperature controlled packaging solutions are dynamic and growing at a rapid rate. Food subscription companies depend on temperature controlled packaging to get prepared meal and meal delivery kits safely to consumers while managing shipping costs and consumer expectations.

Radhika Raje, Manager of Packaging Solutions with Veritiv, says, “Finding the right mix of materials within cost and performance targets is the challenge. We help customers find sustainable solutions from different suppliers, and then test different packaging combinations to prove performance prior to deploying the solution.”

Packaging attributes and benefits

Food companies use temperature controlled packaging to ensure their products don’t arrive spoiled or damaged, which would require re-processing the order and could negatively impact the profitability of a company. Additionally, consumers want packaging components to be easy to handle and store on their way to the recycle bin.

Packaging suppliers are constantly refining or introducing new sustainable packaging to the market based on the growing demand from consumers. “A material-neutral packaging partner helps you navigate the latest offerings and adapt your packaging with minimal disruption to your operation,” says Raje.

Industry growth, innovation and sustainability interest

“With e-commerce on the rise, we’re seeing increased innovation in temperature controlled offerings, including new packaging materials, such as recycled wool and denim,” says Amy Bruner, Enterprise Representative with Veritiv. “These innovative materials are becoming more cost effective for companies looking for new sustainable packaging solutions that still provide thermal protection.”

Other types of innovative packaging components help minimize the environmental impact by recovering usable materials from ending up in a landfill. Consumers want and appreciate minimal packaging and recyclability, and this plays into their overall perception of value and repeat buying behaviors.

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, consumers will manage more and more home deliveries from different companies. “Sustainable packaging that protects temperature sensitive food items and is easy to recycle helps your brand standout among your competitors,” says Bruner.

Solutions for different shipping methods

Innovative packaging partners help customers develop a variety of temperature controlled solutions for different shipping methods, such as next-day and ground. “Adding different packaging solutions for different shipping methods can increase complexity, but it can have a positive impact on the bottom line and improve the customer experience,” says Bruner.

Formatted text representing a point made in the contentConsumer-driven innovation

“Packaging should be a reflection of a company’s brand and corporate responsibility goals,” says Bruner. “Our commitment to customers is helping them constantly refine their packaging strategies as their sustainability and operational initiatives evolve based on consumer feedback. This approach helps customers use packaging as a competitive advantage to help grow their business.”