Protecting the products that protect lives

Michael Parks talks healthcare packaging

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A bottle of aspirin. Advanced surgical tools. Medical devices and products. They’re all held to high standards. It's imperative to elevate the packaging to meet and exceed the guidelines that protect those products. From protocol efficiencies and supply chain transparency to imitation prevention and increased sustainability demands, we talk through some of those challenges and how they can be turned into opportunities.


Topics include:

  • How packaging can affect brand image and company reputation
  • Growing supply chain lead times and how these can ultimately affect patients
  • Difficult balances, like trying to create packaging that’s both sustainable and childproof
  • Potential opportunities of looking at packaging as a single portfolio
  • Managing supply chains in a way that ensures top levels of quality
  • The Rocking Chair Philosophy


Our Featured Guest:

Michael Parks is the Packaging Segment Marketing and LEAN Execution Manager for Veritiv. He has near 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and operations, including an extended focus in health care and manufacturing. He is a certified LEAN expert and an engaging public speaker.



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