Packaging design and the unboxing experience

Graphical representation of a person opening a box

Did you know 66% of consumers believe the packaging of their shipment shows how much the retailer cares about them and their order? “The unboxing video trend shows that today’s consumers value experiences as much as the product, making the unboxing experience more important than ever,” says Jim Ollmann, Former Director, Packaging Design and Engineering Solutions with Veritiv. “Visually appealing, protective, and easy-to-open packaging helps strengthen customer loyalty.”

Formatted text representing a point made in the contentEnhance the unboxing experience

Take a fresh look at your packaging from the perspective of your customers. Here are some key areas to explore:

  • Sight – Do you know where to start opening? Adding simple graphical elements can point you in the right direction – speeding the process and avoiding frustration.
  • Sound – Different packaging materials rubbing together can create unpleasant sounds that may create discomfort for some customers.
  • Feel – Rough packaging surfaces may not pair well with premium products. It could also create safety issues if sharp edges cause hand abrasions.

Unboxing safety

If cutting is required to open a package, cut zones can be incorporated into the packaging design to encourage safety and help protect the product inside.

What’s left? Now that the product is out of the box, the customer might be left with large, bulky items for their recycling bin. This, too, can create an unpleasant experience associated with your brand. Be sure to keep the unboxing experience in mind when developing new packaging options. 


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