The impact of innovation and sustainability in packaging

Bin Jiang talks about sustainability

Photograph of Bin Jiang




Sustainability is all about choices. But sometimes, those choices have a lot of complexity and subtlety. As we explore processes like Life Cycle Analysis and problems like ocean-bound plastics, we’ll discover all kinds of challenges facing packaging today as well as the opportunities that we have to solve them.


Topics include:

  • The particular problems of electronics and retail packaging and how to bring in new ideas to find solutions
  • Life Cycle Analysis and prioritizing certain aspects of packaging and sustainability goals
  • Examining options to reduce ocean-bound plastics without undermining performance requirements
  • How to evaluate solutions for sustainability, like comparing the effects and benefits of recycled materials versus new materials


Our Featured Guest:

Bin Jiang is the Director of Global Sourcing and Product Development at Veritiv. She has over fifteen years of experience in global supply chain and business development, account management, sourcing and supply strategy, packaging design and engineering, process optimization, quality management and sustainability.



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