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Jim Wynne on food packaging opportunities

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As more and more consumers are making online purchases of food, more and more food products need to be packaged in new ways. These challenges are forcing food manufacturers to consider problems they may not have faced before—and to do it while also trying to increase sustainability and grapple with supply chain issues.


  • The challenges created by direct-to-consumer purchasing and packaging shortages
  • How specialists for equipment and manufacturing are essential for identifying opportunities
  • Solutions for improving shelf life to reduce food waste, which can have a higher proportion of environmental impact than packaging waste
  • A realistic look into sustainability and how to inform consumers to take the right actions
  • Exploring hybrid solutions and what functionality a package actually needs
  • The sensitivity of the supply chain and how to ensure continuity of supply through a holistic approach


Our Featured Guest:

Jim Wynne leads the Food Packaging Solutions team at Veritiv. Jim’s extensive career in packaging sales and marketing has proven valuable to food and beverage companies around the world. Jim is focused on building strategic relationships across the food value chain to deliver innovative solutions that enhance brand performance through packaging processes, technologies and materials.



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