Finding your flow with automation

The future is now, with Chris Baum

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From self-driving cars to self-landing rockets, automation is a holy grail in many industries. In packaging, though, it’s sometimes seen as a risk. A big up-front investment in a time where there’s a need to stay flexible can seem like a dicey proposition, but we discuss ways that automation can be done with caution and precision to ensure that it delivers the results it’s supposed to.


Topics include:

  • How shifts in business can require shifts in packaging
  • Handling waste caused by increases in online ordering and not having ideal packaging for direct-to-consumer shipping
  • Solving labor shortages through automation
  • The value of having specialists to audit, help figure out problems, and identify opportunities for solutions


Chris Baum is the Director of Sales Specialists for Veritiv. His 35-year career with the company started with sales, and grew into management and operations, before concentrating specifically in packaging.



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