Aligning values throughout the rigid packaging business

Daniel Caceres on business and values

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In this episode, we do talk about packaging, and we do cover some ways that companies can look for new options and discover solutions. But the heart of this episode is, well, the heart. In sharing stories with Daniel Caceres, we felt informed and inspired, and we hope that his perspective helps you see how to balance warmth, kindness, and empathy along with logic, business, and practicality.


Our Featured Guest:

Daniel Caceres is a Rigid Packaging Sales Manager for Veritiv. He is a bilingual, Colombian-American, obsessed with Mexican food and soccer. He believes diversity awareness is a skill and emotional intelligence is a must, along with having a leadership style that prioritizes psychological safety. Daniel makes continuous efforts to make everything a coaching opportunity for mutual growth. His career has spanned five countries and ten cities, working in industries spanning electronics, industrial supplies, distribution and packaging.



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