8 CPG digital printing trends

Two printing employees reviewing a proof and the job specifications

Not that long ago, Trident launched a new campaign in Mexico that connected consumers’ digital lives with their physical gum packages, leading to 30 million interactions in just two months.1

How did they do it? With digital printing. This technology’s popularity is rapidly growing in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market because it offers several key advantages over traditional packaging printing.

  • Easier and more economical for brands to do short runs, test new ideas that could increase engagement—multiple versions, track and trace, and more—and speed to market

  • Less waste and inventory obsolescence if the product, branding, messaging or other variables change

  • Virtually limitless material options, from wood and glass, to textiles and outdoor materials

Because of its powerful advantages and frequent advancements, CPG brands around the world are embracing digital printing for packaging and pushing it to the next level. Veritiv Retail Packaging Expert Loretta Sebastian says she’s seeing several trends in the marketplace. Sebastian says all these trends can lead to a similar outcome: increased sales.

  1. Formatted text representing a point made in the contentVersioning
    Printing multiple versions of the same product to grab attention, differentiate it on shelves and target specific audiences.

  2. Hyper-versioning
    Using a unique design on every package to expand on the benefits of versioning

  3. Collated versioning
    Combining multiple versions on one case or shelf to improve visual appeal, vary selections and encourage collecting

  4. Theme marketing
    Creating event- or occasion-specific packaging

  5. Localization and personalization
    Customizing packaging for different locations, target markets, and/or individual consumers

  6. Seasonal promotions
    Offering limited or special edition prints

  7. Billboarding
    Using strategically placed graphics to create a billboard-like display

  8. Augmented reality
    Combining a physical product with a digital experience to make the product come alive

“Look for a packaging partner who understands the printing landscape, specializes in design, and is material-neutral,” she suggests. “That way, you can avoid losing massive amounts of money on poor print setup, waste and errors, while ensuring your job is done right the first time, every time.” 


1 Data provided by Hewlett Packard, Trident’s printing partner for the “Disfruta poniendo a México en Boca de Todos” campaign.